What are you thinking?

Our world is so delicately made up. The space, dimensions, the movements, macro and micro, species, male and female, organism, goodness and evil, birth and death, transformation, seasons, matter and spirit, energies, the tangible and metaphysical, what else…

Man are busy doing research, studying all subjects about our universe. When we finally understand something had always existed but undiscovered, we call that scientific discovery; When things are beyond our comprehension, we call it “everything happens for a reason”.

We mankind are pretty smart, or we think we are. The Jews are even smarter, as they realize that when man thinks, god laughs. I am not a religious person, but I believe in the universe itself and it’s invisible hands. The grand mechanism has been operating seamlessly for however long. All its aspects are ever changing and evolving, and impact on each other. Resolutions too, seem to always find their way. How possible is it for such a grand and subtle mechanism to run itself by pure chance, without a higher power interfering or governing? 

Although we are yet to explore the laws of our universe, we are in every existence experiencing it without realizing or fully understanding it. Ever recall any meant-to-be events that you might have a plan for yourself and minding your own business working on your goal, coincidences just keep getting in the way and pushing you towards another path? Or ever had any cause-and-effect experience known as karma? 

If you cannot think of anything like that in your own life, there are tons of examples in our everyday news. Every day we are hearing either the cause of an event or the effect of a cause, or clues somewhere in between the cause-and-effect. People in power abuse that power, it comes back to bite them; Cold case murders lasted for decades finally resolved; Affairs exposed in the most bizarre way…Secrets always revealed at some stage after the deeds. If not, yet, it may be in the middle of the process. 

One can cheat, harm, exploit. One can calculate. One can hide or disguise. One can ignore and escape. Choices are free to be made, at the time of the conduct. Nevertheless, there’s always a particular point of time, called devine timing, will bring things back together, sometimes through the unexpected events which are so unusual, that we have to call them mystery instead. Then you know it is the universe in play.

If you can’t help thinking, think carefully before act, knowing that god is smiling upon, before he starts to laugh.

The world is beautiful, think positive.

“This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness.”

–Dalai Lama


Identity Thoughts

4 decades ago, I happened to be born into a Chinese family, from a city located at the northern edge of Canton province of China. So I am a Chinese, a southern Chinese.

Same would have happened to you. You jump started your life journey certain time ago wherever you were born into. It was a happenstance. Instead of where you were actually born into, there could be chances be it in a remote village of  Russia, or somewhere in Pacific Islands, Middle East, anywhere in the world indeed. Not knowing exactly why, can’t remember when, among the first words you spoke, you started calling a particular couple of people mum and dad. Like them or not, from strangers (at the point you were born) to becoming recognized as mum and dad, you have this uncut-able link with them for the rest of this incarnation. If you grow up living with them, what they do and how they think is going to become a part of you – so called sub-consciousness. The environment you were given had nothing to do with whether your inner being likes it or not. Think about it, you had no say in it, all is by chance, by divine chance.

The place you were born into also has a considerable contribution to your identity – at least, how people from outside world identify you. So you are a Kiwi, an Aussie, an Indian; you are an African, a Muslin, a Japanese, a Chinese…and of course, every group of people are thought to possess certain traits and there are subtle connotations behind these tags. When you were tagged with one particular group, you carry those connotations around.

It’s a very interesting phenomenon that human being likes to generalize. As if they don’t, they sort of lost in the vast population of global village. As a member of human being myself, however, I do not like to be generalized. I would like to think that I am pretty damn unique and special and my identity should not at all being defined and tied down to the culture of my birth place. Where I was born is just a dot on the map – you can always go from one dot to another, then your consciousness shall change as you encounter different cultures. The real identity comes from your soul. It absorbs influences from the people you met, things you gone through, places you went, and it takes in what feels right for it, sometimes the opposite.

So who the heck are ya? Soul would say, I am a global villager happened to be born into a Chinese family from a northern city of Canton province. I am a Humanese.

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